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Utah Jazz Dancer Diaries - 2 

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Utah Jazz: Ever wonder what it's like to be a Jazz Dancer? Get an inside look at the life and times of Arial and Jocelyn in our exclusive Jazz Dancer Diaries.

Read about the challenges they face, the successes they have and how exciting it is to be front and center on the EnergySolutions Arena floor. You will also see exclusive videos and photos.

Arial's Diary: Entry 2

Monday, Nov 12

Hello again! Another week has passed. I can’t believe how time flies. It was another hard working week with alot to get done! We had practice Tuesday and set numbers (dances) for the game on Wednesday. The game was by far one of the best yet this season – Woo Hoo!!! For anyone who was there you know what I'm talking about! The last five seconds were the most nerve racking. With one second to go we made a two pointer to win the game - PHEW!!

As dancers, we always come a few hours early to the games to practice and get ready. We get to practice on the floor and space our numbers so that we can look perfect (hopefully!) from every angle. It’s can be a bit challenging sometimes because the players are out there shooting and doing drills along with the bear trying out his stunts. BUT, ya gotta love it! After our practice we get to go eat in our dressing room and so far, we have had some good food. And you know us dancers, we always need to eat! Our favorite as a team is the cookies that they bring us, they are so delicious.

Once we finish up practices, we only have an hour to get ready so we are rushing to get our hair done, the makeup looking perfect and get our costumes on. We have hair stylists and make up artists come in to do all that for us most of the time. Trying to get twelve girls done with all that is very time consuming! They always make us look good, especially if you’re like me and can’t really do your make up the right way - Ha Ha.

Its always fun in the locker room with all the girls. We joke around, talk about our days and relationships. It’s a time that we get to mingle and grow closer as a team. Wednesday’s game was so exhausting – but a TOTAL blast! We got to do a lot more dancing and cheering because the time outs were so long . We practiced again on Thursday with so much to do. We didn’t get to condition that much because we needed to learn a new dance, along with setting the game for Saturday and the game for Monday. If we aren’t dancing at an upcoming game we get to step out and help clean the dances which is watching the girls do the dance a few times and sharing any corrections. Its fun to see what the dances look like and the creativity that goes into all of them.

We have another game Saturday, which will be another fun one to watch. We need to root LOUD for our team and ….. as the Jazz Bear would say “GET ON YOUR FEET”! See you all there!


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