Sunday, December 23, 2007

Titans Cheerleaders Visit Ft. Lewis, Washington 

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By Kathryn Kuykendall
Titans Online

Titansonline.com NASHVILLE, TN, Nov. 6, 2007 — This season, the cheerleaders have been busy with games, Junior Titans Cheerleading, and appearances around the area. One appearance that the women hold close to their hearts came in September, when the ladies visited Washington’s Fort Lewis military base.

Lindsey H. led the trip, along with Stefanie S., Tandra, and LaToya.

The Cheerleaders departed on September 27th, and stayed for three days, touring the base and visiting with the soldiers. They had the opportunity to visit four different bases — Air Force, Naval, Army, and Marine.

Lindsey H. expressed her gratitude to the troops, gushing that it was “so rewarding to meet these people and know that we would not have our freedoms protected without them.”

She said that it was an amazing experience and fabulous opportunity for the Titans Cheerleaders. Lindsey went on to say, “occasions like these are a great reason to be a cheerleader.”

The women were shown around the bases, rode in an armored car, and even got to dress up in full military gear!

The trip was a lot of fun, and they are thankful for being given the chance to go. The Cheerleaders are all grateful and supportive of the troops in Fort Lewis and around the world. The ladies will continue to visit various

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