Sunday, December 23, 2007

Sea Gals Return from European Tour 

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The twelve Sea Gals returned Tuesday, December 4th after a very busy European Military Base tour. The stops included Ramstein AB (Air Force), Hohenfels (Army), Grafenwoehr (Army), Edelweiss Lodge & Resort (All Services), Spangdahlem (Airforce), and Baumholder (Army) which were all in Germany. We also performed at Glons (NATO) and SHAPE (NATO) in Belgium as well as Brunssum (NATO) in the Netherlands. We performed nine shows and signed thousands of autographs. The Sea Gals visited with many soldiers, injured soldiers and families. Every base was different and each one was very welcoming and rewarding to spend time at. It was amazing to meet so many of these people from all walks of life but with one main focus in common.

The most unique experiences may have been on the NATO bases where we signed autographs and took photos with people from nations all over the world. The NATO basketball tournament was taking place when we visited SHAPE so we had the opportunity to perform a mini show between Saturday’s games. The USA played in the game just before our performance so it was fun to cheer them on!

We flew into Frankfort, Germany and then traveled the full two weeks in a very nice and comfortable tour bus. Most of our lodging was on base but a few nights were spent in local hotels. Each stay was unique and everyone was hospitable to our group. After almost a week of travel we had Monday, November 26th off in Garmisch, Germany to sightsee for a day. Most of the team took a tour to the Neuschwanstein Castle. This is the castle the Disneyland Castle is modeled after.

Monday, Decenber 3rd was a second day off for us so it was a great time to travel to Trier Germany and spend hours wondering a true German Christmas market in the oldest city of Germany. We enjoyed the history and the culture throughout our entire trip. It was so busy, so much fun and very rewarding.

Thank you, Armed Forces Entertainment for providing the Sea Gals with the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of military personal and their families.

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