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Q&A with Lindsay Rodolico 

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It's probably a little too early to ask "Where is Lindsay now?" After all, it was only last month that she completed up her final season with the Philadelphia Soulmates. But it's been a big year for the three-year veteran Soulmate. She graduated college, represented her team at Arena Bowl XXI and moved to California.

Recently Lindsay took time out of her busy and hectic schedule to answer a few of our questions.

PCB: Where were you born? Where did you grow up? When did you start dancing? Did you cheer/dance in high school and/or college? Where did you go to college and what's your degree in? (whew!)

LR: I was born in South Philadelphia and lived there until my recent move to Los Angeles. At a young age, I participated in gymnastics and other sports, and didn’t start my serious dance training until I started high school. I soon became dedicated to learning a wide variety of dance forms, with a particular focus on jazz and hip-hop. I was also a cheerleader for my high school squad!

I recently graduated from Temple University this past May with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology (which is the study of human movement) and my Teaching Certification in Health and Physical Education. Graduating college was a huge accomplishment because of the difficult mission of balancing school, student teaching, the dance team, work, and the special people in my life. Professional cheerleaders and dancers all over the country do this on a daily basis and I commend each and every one of them

PCB: How long were you a Soulmate? A Captain?

LR: I was a Soulmate for three seasons, a co-captain for one, and a team captain for my final season.

Lindsay's number 03 has been retired by the Soul

PCB: Why did you originally try out for the Soulmates?

LR: Before I even knew about the team’s existence (because it was brand new to the city) I actually was approached by another dancer at an audition at a local theater and they told me they thought I would be fit for a new dance team owned by Bon Jovi and that I should audition! I had already missed the open call for the inaugural season so I made sure I was there the following year!

PCB: What was the best part of being a Soulmate?

LR: The best parts of being a Soulmate were all the lessons and positive experiences I gained from being part of such of unique team. From physical improvements and gaining maturity as a dancer and person, to the thrill of performing and the special friendships I made, the experience of being a Soulmate has positively impacted my life in every aspect.

PCB: Any particular memory or event that sticks with you from our time as a Soulmate?

LR: Besides the games and the honor of opening up for a Bon Jovi Concert, my standout memories come from my traveling experiences where I represented the Soul at ProDance in Miami and Palm Springs, the Nascar Races in Talladega, and the Arena Bowl in New Orleans.

PCB: What was it like going to the Arena Bowl?

LR: The Arena Bowl was an unforgettable experience that I felt honored to be a part of! I felt so proud to represent my team and work with other dancers from across the country. It was also a very touching and humbling experience to take part in so many meaningful events in the city of New Orleans. The reality and devastation of Hurricane Katrina had such a strong presence in the city and it was so rewarding to be a part of something that brought excitement and positive reform into the area.

Dream Team
Lindsay and other members of the Arena Bowl XXI Dream Team

PCB: How much are you going to miss your teammates?

LR: Over the past few years, my coach and teammates have become like family to me. I am going to miss them SO much, but thankfully still stay in touch with my closest friends and of course, Marla (Soulmates Director Marla Viturello), on a daily basis! Marla has become a mentor and special person in my life, who I truly respect (and miss terribly!)

PCB: I hear you'll be working with the Junior Soulmates. How is that going to work with you living in California?

LR: I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to still stay connected with the Soul as choreographer of the Junior Soulmates Dance Team. Thankfully, I have a reliable coaching staff, which involves retired Soulmates Lisa and Lau`ren, to work with me and learn my routines over DVD or meet prior to practice and I will be flying in once a month to teach at the Junior Clinics! I was so attached to the juniors after working with them last year and I am really excited to spend another season with the program!

PCB: When did you move out to California? What are you doing now?

LR: "Now, on to Hollywood! Moving to LA was a dream and desire that I have had the past few years of my life! It is something I had my heart set on after graduating college and I finally made the dream a reality in September! I packed up my car and drove across the country, with my Dad keeping me company along the way! Now, I am finally getting settled out here on my own and discovering a new life in this unique capsule of dreamers, which makes up Hollywood, making the most of every day! I am enhancing my training out here, was teaching dance classes in private schools in Beverly Hills, auditioning for different casting calls, and obtained my personal training certification. I also had the opportunity to fly out to Austin, TX and sit in as an expert panelist for the Famecast Dance Competition, which is a really popular internet-based shot at fame!

Living in Hollywood is a huge adjustment from home and definitely a tough process and lifestyle, but I have a new appreciation for the beauty of life and am enjoying the process of finding what and where is right for me in my heart.

I am grateful for all the blessings in my life, especially being a part of the Soulmates, and truly appreciate the beauty of a dream and the satisfaction that comes when working towards making it come true!"


Are you an alumni who would like to let the professional cheerleading world what you are up to now? Sahsa and I would love to hear from you.

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