Monday, December 03, 2007

Philadelphia Soulmates Final Rehearsal 

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Soulmates Final Auditions were Thursday, November 30th, but with holidays and work (don't ask) I'm really behind. Here's a look at the first ever Soulmates Final Rehearsal. The post on the finals is coming soon.

On Tuesday November 20th the finalists for the 2007-08 Philadelphia Soulmates returned to the Airport Hilton for their final rehearsal.

Candidates learned the opening performance for Finals Night, worked with boots and poms for the first time in the audition process and rehearsed their individual performances.

Once again I am indebted to Soulmates Director Marla Viturello and the Soul Organization for access to the auditions. It was also very educational for me to see Marla break down the opening performance and put it all back together. It may be old hat to all you dancers out there, but I've always wondered how the whole process works (and how you avoid clanging into one another while performing).

Michelle, Soulmates Auditions
Last season's co-captain Michelle

More photos in the gallery.

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