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Luvabulls Blog: Marianne 

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Marianne finds balance in second season
Dec 19, 2007
Chicago Bulls

Second-year Luvabull Marianne checks in to talk about making the transition from her rookie season, dealing with higher expectations, and how her work environment isn’t that much different than it is being on the squad.

Wanting to be a part of something like the Luvabulls has always been a dream of mine. As a Bulls fan, not only would I love to watch the game but I would always make a point to watch the girls on the sidelines dance their hearts out. They had so much energy and looked like they were having the time of their lives. I always told myself, “Man, I would LOVE to do that!” I just never thought I would have the opportunity to do so. Now that it is my second year on the team, I have learned so much about myself, have had so many great experiences and met many wonderful people that I just feel blessed to have this be a part of my life.

Currently, I am a scheduling assistant at a direct mail printing company in the northwest suburbs. I have been there since I graduated from DeVry University. Taking on a new career and trying out for the Luvabulls was a huge decision for me. I still remember the morning of my first audition...gosh was that nerve-wracking! I was nervous, excited, anxious, scared… any emotion you can name, I was feeling. I didn’t really know what to expect but I told myself to focus and do my best. And here I am now, on a professional dance team in the NBA! Who would have thought?! As I see my pictures on the Web site, in the newspapers, on our poster, and/or hear from family and friends that they saw me on TV, I am still in awe and I can’t believe what I’m apart of. Not everyone will ever get to say that they were able to dance on the Chicago Bulls basketball court! What a great opportunity!

Since it’s my second year on the team, I am no longer a rookie! The status and expectation levels have completely changed. Of course for the better… I am constantly being challenged as a dancer and a person to try harder and keep working. Being experienced—even just a year—definitely gives you a step up in all areas of this organization. I have more knowledge of what to expect/look forward to on court and at practice; formations on court and knowing what to look for and remember; and just the experience behind me doing games last year, I can really enjoy the atmosphere and get into the game more. Last year, I felt that I got so wound up about my performance, formations and fourth quarter routines that once the game was over, I wished that I had not worried so much.

Along with the knowledge that I have attained my first year, the dance expectation level has definitely changed as well. The “vets” are pushed even further since we know what to expect and are used to help the rookies along their way. This new role that I have been moved into has changed the way I learn things. I push myself even more to focus on routines, formations and detail so that when asked a question, I know the answer. With the experience and the confidence I have been able to grow into, has helped me to help the rookies and share what I went through last year to encourage at practice and calm those nerves that we have at the games. Even though I still have butterflies, I try to use the energy from the game, players and definitely the crowd to get me going and do my best to put on a great show. I love to dance and perform and I want the audience to enjoy what I love to do.

The printing industry is always on the go and changes by the minute, which is somewhat similar to the life of a Luvabull. The organization has taught me how to be a young professional and has helped me to create an organized, busy schedule balancing my work and personal life; knowing what my priorities are, continuing to create new goals for myself and having the confidence to pursue them.

I am truly blessed to be apart of this organization; the women on the team are truly beautiful, talented and dedicated and I will have the privilege to say that I was apart of one of the most prestigious dance teams in the world!

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