Saturday, December 15, 2007

Get Out and Vote 

Posted by James at 9:29 AM ET

AOL Fanhouse has polls running for fans to pick the hottest cheerleaders by division. You can cast your vote for both AFC Cheerleaders and NFC Cheerleaders

Vikings Cheerleaders
While we always want maintain the appearance of impartiality here at the blog, we will admit to having voted for the Vikings Cheerleaders as the hottest NFC North squad.

Meanwhile at Channel 4 (WDIV) in Detroit, they're down to the final four contestants for the station's new traffic reporter. One of the four is former Detroit Automotion Dancer Heather Zara. Heather was most recently a sports reporter at Channel 16 (WBOC) on the Delmarva Pennisula.

Heather Zara

Go here to watch Heather's audition tape and to vote.

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