Thursday, December 20, 2007


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GQ enters the world of hot, peppy, and insanely underpaid NFL cheerleaders

Last year journalist Jeanne Marie Laskas spent almost the entire season with the Cincinnati Ben-Gals to the point where she was just like another member of the squad. She was very diligent in her research – she conducted personal interviews, followed some of the Ben-Gals to their jobs, came to visit with some of them at their homes and attended their social events and games. Meanwhile photojournalist Lauren Greenfield, one of the top 25 photographers working today, came to shoot the Ben-Gals in action.

The result is a 10 page article in the January 2008 issue of GQ that is probably the most positive story I've ever read on not just on the Ben-Gals or even NFL Cheerleaders, but on any group of professional cheerleaders/dancers.

Here's how it starts:
Meet the NFL Cheerleader. Every Sunday afternoon, she graces football-field sidelines, stadium JumboTrons, and your living room television with her inaudible cheers, her hard body, and her unshakable positivity. At seventy-five bucks a week—that’s what she gets paid for all her work—why does she bother? What’s in it for her? That’s easy…

Head on over to the GQ Website to read whole article watch a slide show and listen to the Ben-Gals in their own words.

GQ cover

Or you can pick up the issue with Josh Brolin on the cover.

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