Thursday, December 06, 2007

Cowboys Cheerleader has Madison Roots 

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WKOW: A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader will be quietly pulling for the Packers on Thursday as her parents cheer loudly from the stands.

Kelly Jo Stauffacher is from Middleton and just made the squad this year.

If anyone watched CMT the past few weeks, they saw Kelly Jo on a reality tv show auditioning to be on the squad.

Karen and Jim Stauffacher spent years following their daughter Kelly Jo up the dance team ranks.

So travelling half way across the country to watch their daughter perform is nothing new, it's even better when they get to catch a Packer game as well.

Since the age of 3 Kelly Jo Stauffacher has been a dancer.

"She was on the Middleton dance team, the Badgers dance team," mother Karen Stauffacher says.

And little did her parents know a dance costume from her early years would be a sign of things to come.

"Our daughter is a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader," Karen says.

But she didn't take the normal path from college dance team to the NFL.

4 years after college she was at her parents house when she saw a reality show that would alter her career path and helped ignite the fire to return to dancing.

"She was home between jobs and watching last year's 2006 Making the Squad and yelled up, 'That's it. That's what I want to do next. I want to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader,'" Karen says.

She moved to Dallas in January, but needed something else to fall back on.

"She has a real job. She works 60 hours a week," Karen says.

That's for a marketing agency in Dallas, so going through auditions were tough, and trying to keep up was sometimes a struggle.

"The Dallas Cowboy cheerleader high kicks are a lot higher than Middleton high kicks," Karen says.

But after 4 months of grueling auditions she made the squad.

Her parents were at her first game in August but are making the return trip this week to watch their favorite team play the one she works for.

"She'll know where we are, so she'll probably give us a high five when she can," father Jim Stauffacher says.

Partially to keep an eye on dad and big brother who have to be on there best behavior in the Cowboys friends and family section.

But her family says the Packers are really her team too.

"Deep down she's a Packer fan," Karen says.

Many of the Stauffacher' s friends have asked them to get a bunch of autographed pictures when they go to see her.

Kelly Jo bought Cowboys gear for her family to wear during the game, her mom says she'll be cheering for the Cowboys as well as the Packers, but her dad is worried about his reaction to a Brett Favre touchdown pass.

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