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Civil Attorney Juggles Cases, Pompoms 

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Dual personalities? Not quite. Jacksonville resident Liana Rothstein has no problem balancing two careers as an attorney and Jaguars cheerleader.

by Joel Addington
Jacksonville Daily Record
One day she's shaking her hips to pump up the crowd at Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, and the next she's filing briefs to sway a judge at the Duval County Courthouse.

Welcome to the life of Liana Rothstein, attorney at law and Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleader - in that order.

"I definitely wear two hats, but I'm not a cheerleading attorney," said Rothstein, 30. "I'm an attorney first and foremost. When I'm at home, I'm thinking about my clients and how I can do the best job for them." And while her dual professions keep her quite busy, she wouldn't have it any other way.

"I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of the (Jaguars) team," said the life-long Jacksonville resident. "There's not a single moment that I take my role of cheerleader for granted. I cherish each and every moment."

On game day, Rothstein sets aside her real estate, probate and corporate law cases and dedicates her day to the Jaguars and the fans. Her ritual starts the night before, packing up outfits, pompoms, a sewing kit "just in case," lots of water and plenty of make-up. Then she gets to bed early to arrive at the stadium 9am. Sunday morning.
Liana, Jacksonville ROAR
After unpacking in the locker room, Rothstein heads onto the field to stretch and run through the day's routines. Then it's back to the locker room to get ready to greet the fans outside the stadium.

"It's a great opportunity to sign autographs and interact with our fan base," she said. Once the game starts, the cheering gets serious. It begins with the line up as the players are introduced and run onto the field, and it continues as the cheerleaders perform sideline routines throughout the game.

"It's a true test of endurance, but you love every minute of it," said Rothstein. For a 1pm kick-off, she said she's home and in bed by 8pm.

Although the lawyer-cheerleader career may be somewhat unique, it's not surprising that Rothstein ended up cheering for a professional football team. The "huge" football fan said her grandfather played college football for Auburn University and both her parents attended the University of Florida.

"I grew up watching football," she said. "Saturday afternoons were always dedicated to watching football." She also enjoys college basketball's March Madness, baseball and figure skating.

As a child, Rothstein studied ballet and had a part in the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra's production of "The Nutcracker." She cheered on the varsity squad at Bolles School and took ballet classes while in college.

"It was a wonderful outlet for me," she said of ballet, a study that eventually helped Rothstein secure a cheerleading spot with an NFL team.

After graduating law school at Stetson University, she came home and auditioned for The Roar in 2003 and made the team. "That was a whirlwind year," said Rothstein. "I was able to make some phenomenal appearances like dancing with Lynyrd Skynyrd live on CMT.

There was a very large (tryout) turnout that year." But Rothstein doesn't get complacent, as she has to try out each year to keep her spot on the team.

"We are all professionals," she said of her fellow cheerleaders. The Roar includes a number of full-time college students and mothers, as well as an architect, stock market investor and Web designer.

"Everyone is hardworking and dedicated. Being a cheerleader is something we all take very seriously," she said. "It's truly a sisterhood."

The team practices for three hours, three days each week, makes charity appearances and performs during home games. As a third-generation attorney practicing law alongside her father and brother at Adams Rothstein & Seigel, it's no shocker that Rothstein joined the family business either.

"I love the client interaction," she said. "I appreciate that my clients have the confidence in me and the firm to come in with a problem to see how we can help. I have a genuine love and appreciation for the practice of law and the function that attorneys have in our society."

And although she's says she'll always be an attorney, there's something special about being a Jaguars cheerleader.

"I truly cherish every moment on the team," she said. "We'll see what the future holds. There's no guarantees, but I really love it."

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