Tuesday, November 27, 2007

NFL Week #11 - Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders 

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This week Max from Arizona is back with another report on the Cardinals Cheerleaders. Take it away, Max:

Heartbreak Hotel in the University of Phoenix Stadium

Looking for MNF payback versus SF 49ers division rival, we were treated to an overtime thriller heartbreaker where the Arizona Cardinals introduced another creative way to perish. But regardless of the predictable meltdowns we endure with our impotent Arizona Cardinals, we have fond memories from this year and big plans for next year at University of Phoenix Stadium. Last January, Boise State won the Fiesta Bowl with the Statue of Liberty inspiring the star running back to propose to his cheerleader girlfriend. Next February, Super Bowl XLII will be played here to be watched by billions around the globe. Naturally, none of these moments include the team we support on gamedays.

So with the 110F summer heat cooling off to a comfortable 73F, the convertible roof was slid open for the first time last Sunday to let the sun shine inside. And as always, our cheerleaders continued to spread infectious enthusiasm putting a smile on all our faces. Amazingly enough with a 1-yard TD reception or 32-yard FG chip shot, Arizona would have been victorious. Instead the Cardinals can blame themselves for turning the ball over four times. And to the visiting 49ers fans, we have never seen so many people celebrate a 3-8 football team.

The sun shines and sequins glitter on a Sunday afternoon.
Nicole is looking very glamourous at kickoff.

Double vision, twin sister Jessica looks like a doll.
In the midst of Chanukah shopping, I wish I could buy a Barbie as cute as that.

This rookie cheers as the Cardinals jump out to an early 7-0 lead.
If only Taryn could know what was waiting for us in the end.

This rookie is loving the Arizona sun. Julia knows it could be worse,
he could be freezing her buns off in Buffalo.

This rookie poses at the conclusion of a routine. In the 2008 cheerleader
wimsuit calendar, Allie is Miss September!

Red-Headed fireball Neeley shows flair during a timeout. Looking all around
the sold-out stadium, the nest looks like a sea of red.

It seems that I startled Susan in the midst of her performance.
Either that or shes expressing to me 'Please No More Photography' !

Who says it never gets cold in the desert? Heres Pro Bowler/Snow Bunny
Brooke showing off brand new 2007 threads!

Heres our champion Jen flashing that victory smile to our section.
No matter what the score is, we always feel like winners.

Megan K cheers on the hometeam but day-dreams of a
New Years Florida Bowl for Bucky Badger.

Megan J cheers on the hometeam but day-dreams of a
Super Bowl appearance from her former team.

It was not total misery for the home team. Heres AZ Cards Superstar
Larry Fitzgerald reaching for a Hail Mary Touchdown reception.

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