Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Emily is the Rams Pro Bowl Cheerleader 

Posted by James at 8:18 AM ET

Reader Dave was at the Seattle-St.Louis game on Sunday (we'll be seeing some of his photos later in the week) and he reports:

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, it was a rainy, cool, blustery day in St Louis. Might make one think about, I don't know, a January trip to Hawaii. Well, Rams Cheerleader Emily doesn't need to dream about trips to Hawaii, she's going! At Sunday's game, a lei was placed around Emily's neck during an announcement on the big screens that she was going to the Pro Bowl. Her fellow cheerleaders raised their poms in applause, joined by the Dome's fans, that the six-year squad veteran had been selected. Congratulations Emily, and enjoy this honor!

Emily, St. Louis Rams Cheerleader Emily, St. Louis Rams Cheerleader

We're not sure if Emily was the first 2008 Pro Bowl Cheerleader announced, but she's the first one we've heard about. If anyone hears or has heard other announcements, please let us know.

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