Monday, November 26, 2007

Eagles Cheerleader For a Day?
Mystery Solved 

Posted by James at 7:54 AM ET

After hours of relentless back-breaking, eye-straining research, I have solved the mystery of Arantza Figueroa, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader For a Day.

Actually, Eagles Cheerleader Alaina filled me in. Sasha was on the right track. Arantza won this honor on a Mexican reality television show. (Alaina said it might be airing in Mexico this week). Arantza flew to Philadelphia where she received the got full treatment Eagles Cheerleader treatment: visiting the Official Eagles Cheerleaders salon for hair and make-up, participating in a live photo shoot, and cheering on the sidelines of the Dolphins game. The Cheerleaders also showed Arantza around the city and she even got to enjoy an authentic Philly cheesesteak.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
First-year Cheerleader and blog fan Alaina gave us the scoop on Arantza.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina was joined by first-year Cheerleader Heather for the Miller Lite Away Game Party at Paddywhacks Irish Sports Pub.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Former Eagles WR and fan favorite Fred Barnett was on hand as well.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Christmas came a little early for Alaina. A fan gave her this awesome custom-made jacket.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina shows off her new jacket.

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