Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Brits Bowled over by Dolphins Cheerleaders 

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Last weekend, the Giants bested the Dolphins in the first regular season NFL game played outside of North America. The Brits had mixed opinions on the game itself. Those who went to the game had a great time. Those who watched it on the telly could take it or leave it. However their opinions were united on two things:

1. American footballers wear an awful lot of padding. What a bunch of wusses.

2. That gigantic 26ft animatronic JT was just...disturbing

2. They'd never seen anything quite like 50 Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders sparkling and shining all over London. They'd like to see more of that.

The sooner the better.

Tomorrow, even.

The proof is all over flickr and youtube. Search for yourself.

The girls signed a few autographs. Note the security in place in case some rowdy fans get out of hand. (I'm not sure I understand that whole mullet-jacket thing, but ok.)

The game started off in the NFL's typical quiet and subdued fashion.

The MDCs exit the field under the watchful eye of Director Heather Fraga.

A wave to the crowd. Check out the Giants fan on the right.
I bet the Giants wish they'd had cheerleaders to bring along.


Exiting after the game

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