Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bandettes Welcome Back Three Former Squad Members 

Posted by James at 2:57 PM ET

From Phil's Buffalo Jills and Bandettes Blog:
This year, the Bandettes squad is going to carry 16 girls on their roster. Ten of those girls are returning vets from last year but in actuality, there are 13 vets on the roster. Those other three cheered on the Bandits in previous years and decided to come back for 2008 to cheer the Bandits on to a title. Those 3 vets are Karla, Casey, and Korinne.

Karla was on the Bandettes for 5 seasons so she's hardly a stranger but she also spent 2000-2002 as a member of the Buffalo Jills as well. She's also posted quite frequently on the webgroup giving us the perspective of one of the girls whose work we promote here.

Casey's pro cheerleading remained indoors starting with 2 years on the Bombshells and then 2 with the Bandettes. She was also a member of the short-lived Buffalo Rush squad which cheered on the Buffalo Rapids basketball team. The Rapids are now known as the Silverbacks and play in the ABA at Buffalo State's sports arena.

Korinne is also a 3-sport cheerleader, having spent 4 seasons as a Bombshell, 1 as a Bandette, and 2 1/2 seasons as a Buffalo Jill. A word to the wise, when seeing Korinne for the first time...wear sunglasses as she's always looking to blind people with that smile of hers...lol.

Returning Bandettes

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