Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spirit of a Sweetheart 

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by Zoe Kerr
Tyler Today
At the beginning of every Dallas Cowboys game, an iconic group of young women is announced before the players take the field. Over the screams of many thousands of fans, an announcer is heard proudly boasting “the often imitated, never equaled, internationally acclaimed Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders,” and with a punch of energy and power, “America’s Sweethearts” take the field. Their uniform commands instant recognition. Their choreography changed NFL cheerleading for all time and all teams. They are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, and a Tyler girl named Elizabeth Davis knows a thing or two about wearing the uniform. Her very successful career in dance began right here in Tyler, Texas.
Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth’s mother, Debbie, who owns My Sister’s Room in Tyler, says that from the time her daughter was two-years-old, she was dancing. “Her dad was a trumpet player,” Debbie says, “and he was always playing music.” The father and daughter team loved to watch musicals together, and Debbie says that one musical in particular piqued Elizabeth’s interest. “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” is an Oscar-winning musical remembered by many for it’s incredible choreography and athletic dancing. “She was about three-years-old, when she saw it for the first time,” says Debbie. “Elizabeth would watch it, turn it off, get up and dance a little bit and then turn it back on. After two or three days, she could do every dance.”

Elizabeth began taking more traditional dance lessons when she was a mere seven-years-old, an age she describes as relatively young compared to her counterparts in the dance world. She continued her dance education all the way through high school. “Once I got into high school at Robert E. Lee, I decided to go the drill team route. I was on the Southern Belle Drill Team as a junior, and then my senior year, I was chosen as Captain,” she says. When she graduated from Robert E. Lee in 2001, she decided she wasn’t finished performing.

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