Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Rockets Power Dancers hold off Texans Cheerleaders in Trivia Challenge 

Posted by Sasha at 9:15 PM ET

HOUSTON ROCKETS -- The Rockets Power Dancers are already regarded as one of the hottest dance teams in the NBA.

On Wednesday morning, they proved that they're also pop culture trivia queens.

Behind three of the dance team's returning stars, the RPD showcased their pop culture knowledge by beating the Texans Cheerleaders in the first-ever Cheerleaders Trivia Showdown hosted by Sports Radio 610.

The Rockets Power Dancers were represented by Ann, Carrie and Julie.

"They definitely brought a challenge for us," Ann said. "I was extremely excited that we were able to bring home a victory for the RPD!"

The RPD fielded seven questions from Sports Radio 610 hosts Marc Vandermeer and Andre Ware during an on-air segment. The topics ranged between movies, music, sports and television.

The only catch was that the RPD had to answer sports questions about the Texans, while the Texans Cheerleaders took sports questions pertaining to the Rockets. The RPD figured to have an advantage before the competition since Ann was a former Texans Cheerleader. But she was unable to come up with a correct response regarding her former team.

Luckily, the RPD had little trouble coming up with answers in the other pop culture categories. Overall, they came up with four correct answers -- enough to beat the Texans' Cheerleaders by one.

"The competition was tough, but we showed up with our game faces and were able to bring home the victory," Julie said. "I think we were all a little surprised at some of the sports questions that we were asked. Next year, we'll be better prepared with the sports questions that have to do with the Texans."

Vandermeer hinted that the Texans' Cheerleaders will have a chance to redeem themselves against the Rockets Power Dancers next year.

"This is just Trivia Showdown No. 1," Vandermeer said. "We're going to do 50 of them."

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