Monday, October 29, 2007

Page 3 Cheers for Sexy Mel 

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They're both famous for their good looks, amazing bodies and impressive pom poms.

And yesterday they came together when Page 3's Mel joined the famous Miami Dolphins' cheerleading squad for the day.

The girls are in the UK for the first ever NFL game to be held outside America, between their team and The New York Giants at Wembley this Sunday.

So we sent our very own corrr-terback along to give cheerleading a go and tackle the gorgeous girls with an interview of her own....

I WAS jumping for joy when I heard I was joining the cheerleaders for the day.

I've always wanted to be thrown up in the air and caught by a group of girls.

They always look so sexy and professional doing their routines on the telly.

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

But I soon found out I wouldn't be doing any flips or throws this time - in the NFL it's all about the dancing.

And these girls can certainly move.

It's no wonder they look so fit with all the fast routines they do.

Luckily, the Miami bunch said I had the perfect cheerleader figure when I turned up in my red bikini.

I thought their outfits were amazing - especially the tiny white one they changed into after the warm-up.

Being a cheerleader has always been a dream of mine, so I asked first-year rookie Stefanie Williams what it's like.

The 22-year-old told me: "Being able to cheer for one of the teams in the NFL is amazing.

"All of the girls are great to be around and we've all become really good friends.

"There's never any bitching and or rows. We're all just so happy to have got through the auditions.

"They were held in April and I was really nervous - it was like something out of American Idol.

"There were 250 girls going for a place in the squad of 50.

"And I couldn't believe it when I made it in. Performing for 40,000 fans is just the best buzz in the world."

So do the girls get to mix with the hunky players - or is that out of bounds?

"We see the boys at events - we do around 300 a year between us - but we're all very professional and, although dating isn't banned, it doesn't really go on."

And how about male fans - I bet they go wild for their toned bodies. I asked Tyesha, 26, how much work it takes to look that good.

"The American fans do a lot of 'whooping' and are totally different to the English fans who have funny songs and chants," she said.

"We stay in shape by training three times a week, for three hours a time.

"We have a fitness coach who runs us through exercises, Tai-Bo workouts and cardio drills.

"And we run through routines all the time which are a great workout."

Despite their busy schedules, most cheerleaders have full-time day jobs too - even though they get paid a wage by the Dolphins.

Missy, 25, still works as a medical sales girl and said the lads in the office were as excited as she was about her becoming a cheerleader.
Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders
"The guys at work were thrilled and like 'that's really cool!' she said.'

"It's always funny getting people's reactions when you say you're a cheerleader.

"As soon as people find out they're like 'wow!'"

I know just what that's like being a Sun Page 3 girl!

Well, I had enjoyed the trial and done my best to keep up with their moves - which were amazing.

But what had they made of me?

It was over to Stefanie to deliver her verdict on my performance.

Had I converted myself into a cheerleader or did my moves deserve a kicking?

"You've got a great personality - which comes across really well - and a fantastic smile," she said.

"Looking like you're enjoying yourself is such an important part of being a good cheerleader and you really pulled it off, Mel.

"You've definitely got cheerleader potential!"

Photos and Video here.

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