Monday, October 08, 2007

No Bye Week for the Eagles Cheerleaders 

Posted by James at 11:55 AM ET

While the Eagles players enjoyed a much needed bye week to help recover from their semi-disastrous start, the Eagles Cheerleaders had no time to relax this week.

Now, I can't be everywhere. Saturday morning was the Soulmates Pre-Audition Workshop and Saturday afternoon was the Redskins Cheerleaders at Blocktoberfest. But fortunately, blog reader James was at The Applecross Family Funfest where he caught up with Eagles Cheerleaders Alaina and Nicole as they made an appearance on behalf of the One Child Saved Program.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina and Nicole

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina's favorite Eagle is tight end LJ Smith, whom she cheered for when then were both at Rutgers.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Nicole is a graduate of the Atlantic Theater Conservatory and is an aspiring actress and dancer.

The on Sunday, Alaina and Laura helped kick off Fire Prevention Week at the Trevose Fire Company Open House.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina and Laura

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
The coolest experience of Laura's life has been going skydiving.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Alaina says she is a "Weekend Appearancer" which explains why she's in this post twice.

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