Saturday, October 06, 2007

NFL Week #4 - Buffalo Jills 

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From Phil's Jills and Bandettes Blog
September ended in Buffalo on a great note. The Buffalo Bills got their first win of the season behind some big plays on defense and solid play-calling (for a change) and execution by the offense, including rookie QB Trent Edwards.

Not to be outdone, the Buffalo Jills were also in great form all day. Whether it be selling calendars and comedy show tickets like wildfire in pregame tailgates, showing off their dance abilities during the game, or just plain looking beautiful, the Jills showed once again why their popularity around the league is continuing to rise. Added to their uniforms was a pin with the number 85, in honor of injured Bills TE Kevin Everett, who's in Houston recovering from a life-threatening spinal cord injury suffered at the home opener.

Buffalo Jills
Kaitlin V and Danielle with a fan

Buffalo Jills
The New Charlie's Angels...Laura, Rachael, Jill R, Jessica D, and Katherine

Buffalo Jills
Kaitlin V and Danielle

Buffalo Jills
Swimsuit Calendar cover girl Jenica

Buffalo Jills
Amanda P, Katie K, and Katie C

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