Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Spirit! 

Posted by Sasha at 3:06 PM ET

The last time you read about the Clippers Spirit dance team here, it was because they'd already posted new bios and uniform shots for the 2007-08 squad. At that point, most of the team was online, but there were a few yet to go. Well, now I'm happy to introduce you to the remaining six members of the team. I'd also like to point out that they are still waaaaaay ahead of the rest of the NBA. No other NBA team's dance team pages are this up to date.

Laura is a newbie on the team, though like her teammates, she's been dancing for years. She's a full-time college student, owns a dance studio, and is working toward a career in the insurance industry. She also has a dog, which makes her a-ok in my book.

I'm working on a conspiracy theory, and Melissa is adding more proof to my speculation. Here's what I have noticed: (1) A lot of the Spirit girls have danced(or currently are dancing) at Disneyland. (2) A lot of the Spirit girls are (or plan to become) school teachers. Count Melissa in both of these categories.

What does all of this mean? I have no idea. Ok, so clearly my theory needs work. Hey Einstein didn't come up with that whole relativity thing overnight, you know.

Which of the following is a true statement?
A) Nina is married
B) Nina owns and runs two businesses
C) Nina is a mom
D) Nina has a law degree

HA! Trick question. All of the above are true. Makes you feel like you aren't nearly busy enough, doesn't it?

During the day, Rachel is a left-brain kind of gal, putting her engineering degree to good use in the field of engineering sales. But at night, she puts all of her dance training to good use on the court at Staples center. She enjoys surfing, photography, cooking, and travel.

Except for this guy I work with who snowboards, plays baseball, taught himself guitar, paints with water colors, and is a total computer-geek, Rachel is possibly the most well-rounded individual I have ever come across. She also has excellent taste in websites, if I may say so.

Tiffany C. has degree in Sociology and Educational Studies, teaches high school math and coaches the school's songleading squad. (Holy crap - another teacher! I told you there was something going on here.) She was born in Taiwan and is fluent in both Taiwanese and Mandarin. I'm sure this came in handy during her time on the dance team for the Beijing Aoshen Olympian basketball team (ABA).

Tiffany M.'s parents are Clippers season ticket holders, so she was raised with the Clippers spirit in her blood. Currently a college student leaning toward a degree in Criminal Justice, Tiffany has also danced competitively for years and professionally on tv.

Guess what else? Tiffany is also a substitute teacher.

I dare not say anything else on the subject, lest THEY discover I'm on to this whole teacher thing. Perhaps I've already said too much...

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