Saturday, October 20, 2007

Monday Night Football with the Buffalo Jills 

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(Sorry for falling behind with Blog, I was out of town and then this week at work has been quite an adventure.)

From the Coumbus Day MNF game come this report and photos from our friend Phil.
After 13 years, Monday Night Football returned to Buffalo in grand style. Unfortunately for Bills fans, despite the best efforts of the defense, special teams, the 12th man, and the Buffalo Jills, the offense still found a way to cost the team the game.

While the team itself came up short in their upset bid over the hated Cowboys, the 12th man and the Buffalo Jills came out ahead in showing the nation how much they deserved a Super Bowl Champion team. Attached are a few photos from the evening. Unfortunately, the night game limited the number of high quality shots but rest assured, for those who weren't in attendance, the Jills were more than on top of their game.

Buffalo Jills
Amanda F, Danielle, Keisha, and Joy

Buffalo Jills
Vincenza, Jill D, and Jessica D

Buffalo Jills
Rachael, Kelly and Director Stephanie

Buffalo Jills
Eileen, Omarlla, Stephanie, and Jessica L

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