Thursday, October 11, 2007

Miss Argo 2007 Finalists: Nicole 

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Toronto Argonauts: The finalists for Miss Argo 2007 have written a short piece on what it means to them to be a member of the Blue Thunder, as well as a finalist for Miss Argo. The final round of voting for Miss Argo begins this week - email missargo@argonauts.on.ca with your vote for who should be crowned Miss Argo 2007!

Here is the entry from Nicole

Dance is more than movement. Through dance, I have learned the importance of discipline, persistence, and sacrifice. What is more, wanting to be a better dancer became an important focus that would gradually work itself into other avenues of my life such as school. I am an honours university student, studying two entertaining art forms: writing and journalism. My career aspirations have also shifted due to my affiliation with the Toronto Argonauts and the Blue Thunder cheerleaders. I have become more of a football fan and that has increased my knowledge and awareness of the way sports impact this community and its constituents. I am now volunteering at my university’s radio station as a correspondent for the school's athletic department.

As a member of the Blue Thunder cheerleaders, I am placed in a position to lead and inspire others, especially children. Working with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Ontario and volunteering with the Argo’s Huddle-Up Against Bullying program, I have been granted a unique opportunity to motivate and encourage youth to find focus and direction in their lives. These assignments bring me a great deal of satisfaction and pride because I too have been affected by bullying.

I am very grateful for the opportunities that cheerleading has afforded me. If I am selected as Miss Argo 2007, I will continue my efforts to celebrate this historic football franchise and all of its success both on the field and in the community. I will exemplify the high standards of performance set by my predecessors as well as the other members of the greatest cheerleading team in North America. I will be a leader and pave the way in promotions and charity events in order to establish a greater rapport with the community and elevate Toronto’s awareness of our anti- bullying program.


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