Monday, October 22, 2007

Cheerleaders Getting Help From KPIC Anchor 

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From KIPC.com
A KPIC anchor is putting her past talent to work by helping out a local cheerleading squad.

Lindsey Kovacevich has cheered for four years on professional dance teams, including the Colorado Eagles and the Denver Nuggets. She now helps the Roseburg High School cheerleading team prepare for cheer competitions.
Lindsey Kovacevich
RHS cheer coach Alesha Hunt says cheerleading competitions are a priority for this year's squad, and they will compete in at least four competitions. She says the girls appreciate Lindsey visiting, but she gives them quite a workout.

"She's definitely stricter, harder on them which is definitely what I lacked and what they needed. They absolutely just love her, and her skill level is professional, so that's always an added bonus to have her around."

Hunt combines her past entertaining talent with Lindsey's dance experience. Hunt cheered all four years at Sutherlin High School, including at the 1996 state championship basketball game in Portland.

The Roseburg Cheer Squad will put their spirit to the test and compete in the state competition in February.

Watch a video of this report here.

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