Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cheerleaders for the Cure 

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I missed this when it was first posted in August. But since the "The Race for The Cure" was this past Sunday, it seems appropriate to post it now.

From Teresa Shear's Blog at DenverBroncos.com
Today, I want to tell you about a very special woman. Lisa Pevateaux (formerly Corbell) was a member of the Denver Broncos Cheerleaders from 1995 -1998. She was a leader and captain which means a lot when 30 women with strong leadership backgrounds all get together. Lisa is beautiful inside and out and you can’t take your eyes off her when she performs. She was one of my favorites — yes, I do have favorites. The women that motivate themselves, lead by example, and when I am not around I know they will always do the right thing in any situation.
Lisa, Denver Broncos Cheerleader
This week is Lisa’s last week of chemotherapy before she delivers her baby boy in October. Yes, Lisa has cancer. Breast cancer. She is my first friend and I am sure not my last to come down with this horrible disease. She found out she had cancer when she went to confirm her much-wanted pregnancy at her doctor’s office. So, the same day she was blessed with the wonderful news of a child, her doctor found a lump.

Lisa is a fighter. There is no doubt in her mind that she will beat this cancer and she is not just looking to beat it, but to win by such a victory that it wouldn’t dare show up later for a re-match. She also wants to educate others and raise as much money to help with a cure.This is where we come in. The Denver Broncos are already strong supporters of the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Every year, you see the big pink ribbon on the side of the stadium and the current Cheerleaders and employees participate in “The Race.” But this year we will be running for Team Lisa. This now hits really close to home and when that happens, watch out, all hands on deck!

Right now our Alumni/DBC Team is the largest on the Race for the Cure web site. We are in second place for donations and we are just getting started.
Lisa, Denver Broncos Cheerleader
I also suppose that it was no coincidence that I scheduled our 15-Year DBC Alumni Reunion Halftime on Sunday, October 7. This was before the date was announced for the Denver Race for the Cure which just happens to be on the same day. The world has a wonderful way of synching up important dates and things in our lives.

So, on Sunday, October 7, current Cheerleaders, Alumni Cheerleaders, friends and family will all run in “The Race” with shirts that say Broncos for the Cure and TEAM LISA monogrammed on the sleeve in pink rhinestones (what else?). After the race, we will head over to the stadium to get ready for the game and our Alumni Reunion Halftime show. At the end of that show, we will present a check to Susan G. Komen for the Cure from the Broncos Cheerleaders in honor of Lisa Pevateaux. It is going to be an AWESOME day!

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