Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Charger Girls - All Safe, But a Few Were Evacuated 

Posted by David Allen Tyau at 8:00 AM ET

I received a couple of emails from Charger Girls today. They tell me that all the Charger Girls are well, but a few had to be evacuated from their homes. As you probably know by now, the wild fires in San Diego have been devastating in terms of the size, impact on the community and the number of homes destroyed. The entire north portion of the country have been evacuated, over 300,000 people directly affected. Qualcomm Stadium has become a shelter for about 20,000 people and a major staging area for support services to assist those who have been displaced.

It appears that the Chargers game against Houston will be moved to another locale, but right now NFL football has been the least of my concerns. I am glad that all our of Charger Girl friends are safe, but the impact to San Diego is truly unimaginable.

Up here in the Los Angeles area, things are better. Where I live the closest fire is more that 30 miles away, but ash is falling and the air reeks of smoke. We have been spared the devastation that San Diego has suffered, but things have never been this bad for a fire season.

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