Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The BC Felions 

Posted by James at 11:05 AM ET

Thanks to reader W. George Elliott, Owner/Publisher of the Similkameen News Leader in Princeton, British Columbia for these photos of the Felions, the dance team for the Canadian Football League BC Lions, from the recent game against the Calgary Stampeders.

BC Felions
I do like the florescent orange go-go boots

BC Felions

BC Felions
If you've never been to a game and wondered how they get those close-ups of the Cheerleaders, now you know.

Online home of the BC Felions here.

Alexandra Janicek
The Felions Coordinator is the dynamic Alexandra Janicek. In addition to her duties with the Felions, Alexandra is a dance instructor, model and entrepreneur. Much more at AlexandraJanicek.com

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