Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweethearts Tour Ft. Lewis 

Posted by Sasha at 8:41 PM ET

I just heard the latest from our Bari, one of our favorite alumns. Last year, Bari put together the Sweethearts for Soldiers project. The 2007 Sweethearts for Soldiers calendar was a big hit and the proceeds went toward sending care packages to our troops spending the holidays overseas.

This year, the Sweethearts are at it again. Preparations are under way for the second annual calender, but this year they're going a step further. The calendar is a great idea and a great gift, but Sweethearts Bari and Tonya also decided to hit the road to visit our troops in person. Here's what Bari had to say about their trip:

The Sweethearts For Soldiers Calendar models had their first handshake tour the weekend of August 25th up to McChord AFB and Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Right when we landed on Friday morning we were taken to the McChord Wing picnic where around 700 Airmen and their family were having a good time eating, playing games, and relaxing. We had a booth where we signed calendars and took pictures with the kids and Airmen.

McChord AFB is home to the C-17 so after the picnic we went to tour one. We were given the background of the aircraft, sat in the cockpit, and took some pictures with the pilots! After that we went to tour the squadron and see where all of the flight plans were made!!

Next we were taken to the Madigan Army Medical Center where we visited soldiers who were recovering after being injured in Iraq. It was really neat to be able to meet these heros and put a smile on thier face!

The last part of our day was our calendar signing at the BX. We had people of all ages come up to get a calendar but the one who stuck out the most was a woman whose son was in Iraq and her husband in Guam. She had such an amazing spirit and was such a strong person and we gave her our well wishes that they return safely.

The next day was our calendar signing at the PX at Ft. Lewis and then bowling that night. At the bowling alley we got to sign a bowling pin for the "Wall of Fame" and bowl with some soldiers!! We had a blast!!

Over the course of the weekend we signed around 600 calendars and got to meet a lot of very honorable people. We had such a great time and can't wait for out next one!!


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