Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Surprise Proposal had Cowboys Fans Cheering 

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The Daily Mercury
Mackay woman Michelle Proud had just finished her cheerleading routine during half-time at a Cowboys game when a giant sign suddenly appeared in the grandstand: "Marry me?"

It was August 31 and Michelle, a cheerleader for the Cowboys, found herself on the receiving end of a marriage proposal from her boyfriend Chris Ellul, a pharmacist also from Mackay.
Michelle, Cowboys Cheerleader
Michelle, a 23-year-old fourth year medical student at James Cook University, had just finished her half-time routine at the Friday night Bulldogs versus Cowboys clash when she tried to spot her high school sweetheart of six years in the crowd.

"I had just sat down on my sideline seat and I tried to scan the crowd for Chris and my family but there was this large sign in the way," she said.

"It took a while to register what the sign said.

"My cheerleader friend seated beside me said how sweet it was that someone in the crowd was proposing to someone else at the football game.

"All of a sudden I was crying and laughing at the same time as I realised that the person holding up the sign was my boyfriend, Chris, and the person being proposed to was me."

Michelle was speechless by the time she was joined at the fence by her would-be fiancé.

He stood at the fence and nervously got down on one knee.

"His hand was shaking as he placed the ring onto my finger," Michelle said.

"The crowd seated behind us were also caught up in the drama and cheered loudly when I said 'Yes'.

"I thought that the Cowboys had scored another try.

"It was excellent, a huge surprise.
Michelle, Cowboys Cheerleader
"I couldn't have asked for a better proposal."

Now that the Cowboys are out of the NRL grand final, Michelle expects to be hanging up her cheerleading uniform and doesn't know if she'll be back next year.

"I'm studying medicine and it takes a lot of hard work," she said yesterday.

"And the cheerleaders train at least six hours a week," she said.

The wedding, by the way, looks like it will be held on May 10 next year - during the NRL season.

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