Sunday, September 23, 2007

The 2007-08 Redskins Cheerleader Ambassadors 

Posted by Sasha at 10:17 PM ET

Redskins.com: The Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Ambassadors consist of 26 ladies from all over the country and are an extension of the Redskins Cheerleaders.

Selected during the Redskins Cheerleaders auditions process every April, the Ambassadors' main focus is interacting with fans during all Redskins home games at FedExField.

While the Redskins Cheerleaders captivate the 90,000+ fans with energetic dance routines, the Ambassadors are in the Tailgate Club, Touchdown Club and Suites--and even in the stands--bringing a personal, up-close interaction with fans.

Shannon S. and Lori are former Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders.Robyn isn't a Ravens cheerleader, but her big brother Rob is! (I would link you, but BaltimoreRavens.com took all the boys off the site. You bet your britches I noticed that. Not cool, Ravens. Not. Cool.)

Adriana is on active duty in the Air Force. Jessica is a reservist in the Air Force and will be in the 2008 "Sweethearts for Soldiers" calendar. I won't wax complimentary about SFS yet again, but it's a good thing. A very very good thing.

Shannon H. and Colleen M. are the only ambassadors remaining from the very first group that started four years ago.

Denise and April have a heckuva lot of pro sports dance experience. Denise's resume includes the Maryland Nighthawks (ABA), Carolina Hurricanes (NHL), Cape Fear Wildcats (AFL2) and Carolina Cobras (AFL). April's includes the Baltimore Blast (MISL) and Chesapeake Tide (CIFL). It's a wonder these two haven't bumped into each other long before now.

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