Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ravens Cheerleader Blog 

Posted by Sasha at 10:11 PM ET

Here's the latest from Ravens Cheerleader Leslie, straight from BaltimereRavens.com :

Hi everybody. This is Leslie checking in to BaltimoreRavens.com. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this season. It’s going to be a fun one, and I hope we can keep up the energy we showed last weekend all year long.

It’s been busy for the cheerleaders for a few months now, but things really got started with the Kickoff Party at Power Plant two weeks ago. Our day started really early, as we arrived at the stadium around 4:00 to prepare for the party. We all have jobs outside of cheerleading, so it was a long day for us.

Some of the girls stayed at the stadium to hang out with the VIPs, and then others were bused out to Power Plant to start greeting fans. My particular role was in the VIP area at Power Plant, so I got to take pictures and meet the band Fuel as they came in. That was pretty cool.

It was so much fun walking around and interacting with the fans. We signed some autographs and just hung out and listened to the band. The fans were definitely ready for some football, all dressed in their Ravens jerseys.

I can relate to what they were feeling. Even with the away games, I get into a zone. For the Monday night game against the Bengals, I had my special game day hat on for luck. I’m definitely just a fan like everyone else, so it was so exciting to see people out celebrating.

That game was pretty intense. I live right near the stadium, so I was in the midst of everything. But, I actually watched it at home because I like to be alone to focus on the action. I had a few cheerleaders come over to catch the game. It was a little frustrating to lose, but all in all, I think we bounced back fine.

In the Jets game, we had two new routines that we performed. I was excited about the new material, because we’ve been practicing all summer. Some of you may have noticed our uniforms weren’t the summer tops that everyone saw at the preseason games. We had on the uniforms that we will wear for all of the regular season games - we call them our “dress uniforms,” because they are long-sleeved.

With another home game this weekend, it’s been a busy week, but we’re all ready to go. Our rookies have been great, and for me, it never gets old - even in my sixth year.

Thanks so much for reading this blog, and I’ll talk to you soon before we play the Cardinals.

Go Ravens!

- Leslie

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