Sunday, September 16, 2007

Peek Inside Panthers' Lair 

Posted by James at 2:18 PM ET

Jeff Elder of The Charlotte Observer went behind the scenes of Bank of America Stadium during a Panther's pre-season game. Here's what he found when he got to the TopCats locker room:
Krista, Carolina TopCat
Krista touches up her makeup after she and her fellow TopCats rehearsed their routines.

The TopCats' locker room is exactly wide enough for all 20 TopCats to line up in a Rockettes kick line. The main thing that strikes you (besides the wall-to-wall perfect abs) is the military precision of their pregame rehearsal. They get in position, dancers' bodies taut and poised in their long white boots, mini skirts and half-shirts. Their faces tilt up, smiling broadly at an imaginary crowd. Their silver pom-poms shake together shhh-shhh-shhh.

They freeze. End of number. "Good!" yells a choreographer, and suddenly the perfect concentration is shattered. A brunette grabs a towel to wipe sweat from under her arms. A half-dozen gather at the mirror to check makeup. Clouds of hairspray roll in from the west. Two TopCats laugh and glug from bottles of water.

One's an attorney, another a banker. One's an MRI technician, two are paralegals.

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