Sunday, September 30, 2007

Nuggets Dancers Tour Europe, Visit Armed Forces 

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By Sarah Schachterle
Nuggets Dancers Director/Choreographer
Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets Dancers along with Supermascot Rocky and Nuggets TV Host Jay Evans, departed from Denver on Aug. 31 for a twelve-day tour of United States Military bases throughout Europe, as part of the Armed Forces Entertainment Tour. Everyone was extremely excited to take part in this tour, and for some it would be their first time overseas.

The first flight was directly from Denver to Munich, Germany and was roughly 10 hours long. Upon arrival, we were greeted by our tour bus driver, Armin “Hollywood” Hein. The Dancers first appearance was in Garmisch, Germany at the Edelweiss Lodge, which is a lodge for members of the U.S. Military and their families. The show the Dancers and Rocky put on for the troops in Garmisch was roughly two hours long and consisted of dance routines, song and dance numbers, as well as a lot of crowd interaction and participation.

From there, we flew out of Germany and went to three different locations throughout the United Kingdom. The Dancers were able to meet many more of our men and women in the service and were actually able to climb up into F-15 fighter jets.

After three days in the UK, it was time to fly back to Munich. The Dancers stayed at a very old hotel in Velburg, Germany and were able to perform at the largest Military base outside of the United States, known as Hohenfels Army Base. As we had learned while we there, this base was once a Nazi training camp with which the U.S. had taken control of after World War II. The following day, the dancers took a tour bus to Belgium and did one last show taking in the sights and sounds of Brussels, Belgium.

Overall, it was an unforgettable, eye opening experience for everyone involved. We would like to sincerely thank Armed Forces Entertainment for having us, all of the men and women that we were fortunate enough to meet throughout our travels, as well as everyone in the U.S. Armed Forces. We are proud to have been able to assist even in our own small way. We wish you the best of luck and a safe return.

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