Tuesday, September 11, 2007

MVC on the Road 

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Rachel and Laura perform in D.C.
9/5/2007 | By Laura, 6th year veteran and captain

On August 19th, Rachel and I flew to Washington D.C. for another chance to perform for the troops with the Beach Boys. Most of the same group that performed over Thanksgiving in Germany with the Beach Boys was able to come to Washington D.C. to visit Walter Reed and to perform again. We arrived late on Sunday night only to find out that our luggage had not made the trip! We were very worried about getting our costumes in time to be able to dance for the troops!

Monday morning we had a practice with the other teams that make up the Beach Boys song "California Girls": San Diego Chargers (California Girls), Washington Redskins (East Coast Girls), Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Southern Girls), Buffalo Jills (Northern Girls) and we were the Midwest Farmer's Daughters. We practiced our three routines "California Girls", "Be True To Your School", and "Surfin' USA". Once these dances were perfect, we all went to get ready to go visit the troops in the hospitals.

Bob Pence, the amazing man who has been coordinating all of our trips, split the girls up into two groups. My group visited Bethesda Naval Hospital while the other group stayed back to get ready (and Rachel called to search for our luggage). Before entering each of the hospital rooms we had to put on a gown and gloves. Visiting the soldiers is probably the most rewarding part of being a professional cheerleader. We visited many troops who were so thankful and would get so excited to see NFL Cheerleaders from five different teams. Mr. Pence also would give each of the soldiers either a brand new lap top or Xbox 360 when we would visit. So many soldiers got so excited to see their favorite team, so it was amazing to hear them say, "YES! A Vikings Cheerleaders! That is my team!"

Then we went to visit Walter Reed hospital. Here we split into two groups and walked around with the Beach Boys and Blanca Soto, a former Miss Mexico and now actress. When we would visit each room, we would give calendars, Mr. Pence would give a laptop or Xbox, and then the Beach Boys would perform one of their songs! My personal favorite to hear was "Surfer Girl", which made a couple of the soldier's mothers become choked up. At Walter Reed, I bumped into a soldier in the hallway who said while he was in Iraq, the MVC were on his desktop and were his morale! That was so special to hear. All of the soldier's in Iraq are our morale!

Following our hospital visits, we went and got ready for our performance with the Beach Boys. Since our luggage still had not arrived, the Washington Redskins were so kind to let us wear their extra shorts and boots. We were so grateful that they were so generous! We danced to all of our routines and got to watch the Beach Boys perform the rest of the show. It is so fun to dance with other NFL Cheerleaders. All of the other ladies are such great performers! We love seeing the different teams’ style of dancing and costumes. It is also amazing to dance with the Beach Boys! They are such amazing artists and it is so fun to see them still performing!

After the show we all went to eat dinner. Rachel and I were lucky to sit by Tim Bonhomme, one of the Beach Boys. He is quite possibly the funniest person alive, so we were entertained all dinner long. Following dinner, everyone went back to the hotel to say their goodbyes and pray for another chance to all perform together again!

Rachel and I were so thankful to be a part of such an incredible experience. We want to thank Bob Pence for another great opportunity, our NFL Cheerleader sisters for clothing us since we had no luggage, and our coach Tami for allowing us to represent the Vikings. We hope to be able to do this again!

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