Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Former DCC Sarah Shahi Stars in NBC's Life 

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Sarah Shahi returns to the small screen tonight staring in NBC's new drama Life.

Sarah plays Dani Reese, the partner of Charlie Crews a cop who served 12 years fro a crime he did not commit.
Sarah Shahi
Dani Reese is second generation LAPD. Her father, a career cop, demanded a great deal from Dani while she was growing up, but he did not want his daughter joining the force. He didn't want Dani seeing the things he had seen. Unfortunately for him, Dani found the ideal role model in his partner, Karen Davis.

Dani joined the force and quickly proved herself to be an excellent cop. Her superiors selected Dani as one of the few females to work undercover narcotics. In the seedy drug underworld of Los Angeles, Dani not only succeeded, she excelled. Dani was always drawn to danger, but now the line between doing her job and earning the trust of criminals has began to blur.

Did you know Sarah is the great-great-granddaughter of a 19th century Iranian Shah?

Sarah previously starred in Showtime's The L Word and NBC's Teachers. her credits also include The Sopranos and Alias. Sarah at imdb.com.

Sarah's page at BlackDCC.net.

More at the Official Life Website on NBC.com.

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