Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dolphins Cheerleaders Go Back in Time 

Posted by Sasha at 5:01 PM ET

Oh, Yes It's Eighties Night, Oh What A Night!!

Taking a trip down memory lane…think back about twenty years…to the eighties! In a fashion sense, it’s the decade that just won’t die! Everything was bigger, and more was better! Who could forget the faded jeans, denim jackets, big hair, and the plastic bracelets that stretched the length of your arm? Oh, and we can’t leave out the shoulder pads. Yes, I said shoulder pads! The biggest question, who still owns their actual eighties garb?

The answer…more people than I thought!

That was proof at one of our practices. I had my very first themed practice as a rookie Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. The other 44 girls and I dressed to impress, eighties style! For one night we threw out our usual two-piece practice attire and traded it in for leggings and tie-dyed t-shirts!

I was so excited, though, I must admit I was a little lost when it came to picking out an outfit. I mean, c’mon, fashion these days is not what it was once. SO, I thought to myself, what would my favorite eighties movie star wear? Like in the ever most-popular movie, “Girls just want to have fun” or “Sixteen Candles”. I remember they had me rushing out to the mall with my mom to buy the cute little jellie shoes and pink crimping iron. So my goal, buy the most tacky and obnoxious outfit ever! Unlike a lot of the girls, I had pretty much tossed out any eighties attire I used to have growing up.

After spending my lunch hour on Miami Beach I was confident I fit the “eighties girl” profile, to a T! I bought myself an off-the-shoulder gray t-shirt to wear along with cute blue shorts, red tights, purple leg-warmers, and a borrowed pair of miss-matching earrings, one white the other bright yellow. My hair looked like it had been braided for days, I brightly colored my cheeks with pink blush and finished it all off with red lipstick as bold as a fire engine. I felt like Rainbow Bright! At first I was afraid I had went a little overboard until I showed up for practice and spotted some of the other girls…then I knew it was going to be a blast from the past!

It was like being in a time capsule, and we had just traveled back in time. Looking at a few of my fellow cheerleaders, I couldn’t help but to laugh. We had girls wearing tu-tus, sporting headbands, rooster bangs (you know the bangs that are cut so short they stand straight up and frizz out!), also side pony tails, wigs, fingerless lace gloves, big belts, leotards and the everything else you can imagine. I just wonder where they found the stuff!

After practicing for our upcoming game against the Dallas Cowboys, each of the four groups randomly picked an eighties tune to perform to. My group as well as one other group impersonated the fun and flamboyant Richard Simmons as if we were staring in our own work out video. The other two groups mocked rock bands performing in concert. If only you could have been a fly on the wall. You would have wanted to see this! Lastly, we each voted on the one individual whom best portrayed an eighties icon and this cheerleader by far took the cake!

My first themed practice could not have been better! I knew I was excited…I just didn’t know how excited I would become until I shared it with the other cheerleaders. We each giggled at one another because of how goofy we looked and felt! We did our best to strut our best eighties look and we did a fabulous job. More importantly, we had fun while doing it. Next time, I’m thinking...the year 2025!


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