Tuesday, September 11, 2007

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A Florida native born and raised in New Port Richey, Lynn is in her second year as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader. When she is not on the sidelines, she has an exciting career at Trans Media Group, a Boca Raton based PR Firm. Throughout the 2007 season, Lynn will share her experiences both on the sidelines and away from the field.

September 4, 2007 - When planning my fun-filled holiday weekend, I started to wonder the actual meaning of Labor Day. After a little research, I learned that over 100 years ago the Labor Movement dedicated this day to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Interesting. Since my weeks are so busy with my day job in PR and my evening job as a Miami Dolphins Cheerleader, I just wanted to relax and enjoy my Labor Day weekend. I did a lot of sun bathing, shopping, and hanging out with family and friends. I actually went to a BBQ with fellow cheerleaders - Cara, Janeen, and Kimberly. We had such a great time relaxing and hanging out at the beach!

I also enjoyed watching the Florida Gators trounce Western Kentucky 49-3 on Saturday. As a University of Florida graduate and huge Gator fan, I bleed orange and blue! I'm hoping to make it to the Florida vs. Florida State game in November with some ladies from the squad. There's a little rivalry on our team because we have graduates from both schools. Fabiola, Lacie and Missy: Seminoles. Ariann, Tyesha, and myself: Gators - just to name a few. But of course we all have one thing it common…GO FINS! By the way, I like what I've seen from the Dolphins offense. I can't wait to see Coach Cameron open up the playbook this season!

Since I don't get a chance to watch a lot of movies, I took this long weekend as an opportunity to catch up on a few. I rented Breach with Ryan Philippe and Laura Linney. It kept me on the edge of my seat. I give it a B. I also went to my favorite movie theater, the Premier Muvico in Boca Raton, to see the Nanny Diaries with Scarlett Johansson and Laura Linney. I read the book a few years ago after the author was a guest on a couple talk shows. But the movie wasn't quite as good. I give it a C. I didn't plan this, but both movies starred the same actress and were based on true stories or experiences.

I wrapped up my weekend working out some details for our annual cheerleader trip. Every year we go to an away game as a group. I missed last year's trip to Chicago so I definitely wasn't missing this year's trip to NYC! We're going to the Jets game to cheer our Dolphins to victory (from the stands in the Jets section). We're also planning some fun outings, such as shopping, sight seeing and visiting trendy restaurants. It should be a blast since some of the girls have never been to New York and more importantly its Janeen's birthday! What better way to celebrate your birthday than with all your friends in the Big Apple!

Oh and one last thing, I heard Brit's new single on the radio for the first time. I think I kind of like it! Could Britney Spears actually be making a comeback?? Nah probably not, but there's always a part of me that's hoping!

Quote of the Week:

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

2nd Year Miami Dolphins Cheerleader

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