Sunday, September 09, 2007

Cowboys Cheerleaders Appearances 

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It's always great to hear from our friend Albert Villegas. In the past, he's been so great as to send us some of his photos from Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavs dancers. His photos are always really really great, and you won't see them anywhere else, so it's a real treat. Thanks Albert!

This first set of photos is from an appearance in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex. DCCs Megan Fox and Kandi Harris were included as an exhibition for dealers who do business with Tri-ed Distribution, based in Dallas. Tri-ed was celebrating a re-grand opening and always invited former Dallas Cowboys defender and Hall of Famer Randy White.

Both Megan and Kandi are in the DCC Show Group and have plans to travel to the Middle East from Sept. 10-18. They will leave following the home opener against the New York Giants and their trip will include USO Tour stops in Iraq and Kuwait. This is Kandi's first year in the Show Group and Megan's fourth year.



Kandi and Megan with Randy White.

Randy lets fan James Dean try on his Super Bowl ring.
Albert tells me Randy is in his 50s. Dude is buff!

This second batch of photos is from Andrea Rogers and Julie Jacob's appearance in Arlington, TX, future home of the new Cowboys stadium. Nearly 100 fans showed up e for photos and autographs with the cheerleaders at Albertsons grocery store.

Both cheerleaders appear in the new Cowboys Cheerleader Sideline Calendar. The calendar is a new project this year and shows the girls performing on the sidelines at Texas Stadium. Lots of guys out there love the annual DCC swimsuit calendar (which was also produced this year), but I also lots of fans will love this calendar too. Many of them have been asking for years for the DCC to produce a calendar of the cheerleaders in uniform. After all, the uniform is the celebrity, right?

Albert says Andrea in particular appears in KTVT Channel 11 promotional spots with her uniform on. The TV station is based in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.



The ladies take a photo with one of the youngest Cowboys fans around, Nivea Verver from Dallas.

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