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Atlanta Thrashers Audition Blog - Part 2 

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I posted the first installment of Blue Crew veteran Christina's audition blog about a month ago. That was a while back, so I'm reposting it now, along with the remaining installments. Oh! And don't forget to check out the Blue Crew Audition Gallery!

Sunday, August 12
Day 1 - Skating Auditions

I couldn’t believe how many ladies signed up for the blue crew tryouts today. We had at least 40 sign up and we were all looking our best. There were a lot of gorgeous girls in top shape. Before we went out on the ice we were divided up into two groups. I was in the second group so I was able to sit back and wait an hour while I scoped out the competition before it was my turn to skate. The skating drills were not that difficult for an experienced skater. We did some balance and agility, crossovers, stopping, pushing the net, and picking up hats. But there were a handful of fast, graceful, figure skaters in the first group that really made the drills look easy. Although I have been playing ice hockey for about 12 years and I was very confident in my skating skills, I knew I had to step it up a notch in order to make the first cut.

So when the second group finally got on the ice we skated a couple of laps to warm up then we all had to take off our jackets. Since we were wearing pants and crop tops you could say we never really warmed up. Even last season with our short skirts and crop tops you adjusted to the Phillips Arena temperature and eventually warmed up, but the Ice Forum was a lot colder. Besides the fact that of the blistering cold we had to make sure we were smiling every drill we skated. I just skated my hardest, completed each drill as fast as I could, and kept smiling no matter how bad my teeth were chattering.

After about an hour of drills we were all finished and they were getting all the girls together to announce the ones that made the first cut. I hated this part because it made me so nervous. I had to keep telling myself that I gave it the best I had and if I don’t get called I don’t have to beat myself over it because I tried my hardest. Each girl was given a number in the beginning of signing up that we pinned to ourselves. The judges were calling out the girls’ numbers that they wanted to continue on. I just kept looking down at my number waiting to hear it but it seemed like every number was called except for mine. My heart started racing, I was trying to stay calm and keep telling myself not to worry and then finally, my number was of the last ones called and I sighed with relief. Wow, this whole day was so intense and this was only the first test. This was supposed to be my strongest area and I felt like I had to try extra hard. Only 27 girls made the first cut. The final cut is on Friday and there are more tests we have to pass. These next tests are some of my weaker areas so hopefully I get through it.

Monday, August 13
Day 2 – Interviews and Fitness Evaluation

Today was a very busy day for some of the girls. Earlier in the day I had my interview, which was very professional, and later on in the day I had my fitness evaluation. I’m not a big fan of interviews so I kept looking forward to my fitness evaluation. Despite of all the scary stories I have been told about it being intense, I didn’t feel intimidated.

The circuit training started out as just a 5-minute stationary bike warm up. Then we went into doing sets of pushups, pull-ups, quick agility jumping, walking lunges, and core training. I really enjoyed the workout and it looked like everyone was having fun. I felt that I was strong in most of these areas except for the pushups. The other girls in our group were doing very well and a few of them looked like they’ve done this training many times before. This test was both challenging and fun and I think I’m doing a good job so far. I really look forward to the rest of the week.

Tuesday, August 14
Day 3 - Rules and Regulations

When we all met Tuesday night, the first thing out of everyone’s mouth was “Are you sore too?” That would be a “YES” for me. In fact, most of the girls were sore in their upper body. My abs were a bit sore even though I work those muscles out regularly. It’s not because the girls were out of shape, I just think we worked on our muscles a different way than what we were used to.

Today, the meeting was about the rules and regulations we had to follow once we made it on the team. We knew that we were going to talk about what to expect during game nights, but for some reason many of the other girls, including myself, got the impression that we were going to cover the rules of hockey as well. A few of the girls even studied just in case we were quizzed. So when the meeting finally started, I was surprised to hear that we were going to go over ways to handle the media and handle ourselves throughout the season.

I was very excited when we went over some of the new changes with this upcoming season. We have a lot more responsibilities and guidelines we have to go by faithfully. I think this is great because it will constantly keep us on our toes and build us into an even stronger team from last season. I think many of us felt honored when they mentioned how we were going to be a major aspect to the organization and how our image will be crucial. I’m glad we had this meeting because it answered many of the questions I had. Tomorrow, I have one more obstacle to get through. It will also be the one that I am weakest at. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, August 15
Day 4 - Sideline/Improv Session

First, I would like to say that I have a whole new respect for dancers and cheerleaders. Today I was introduced to my very first dance routine in my life. Dance routines in general look very difficult to learn especially when you have to learn it in 30 minutes. We definitely had a lot of experienced dancers in our group. I even started to feel a bit intimidated when the girls around me were picking it up a lot quicker than I was. There were times when I missed a step so I tried to recover as quickly as possible until I was caught up with the group.

Eventually, when I became a little more familiar with the dance, I realized at times I was in sync with the group and it made it all worthwhile. The fewer mistakes I made the more fun it became. Even though this was such a hard challenge for me, this is definitely something I would like to become great at. Also, seeing how amazing the end result looks gives me the motivation to work even harder.

Today was definitely the most challenging day of the week for me, but I’m glad I learned something new. All the girls did great, we were very supportive towards one another, and I’m glad we were able to share this experience. I had such a great time this week and I wish everyone the best of luck.

Friday, August 17
Audition Results

Waiting around for the results to come out felt like an eternity. I was scared I wasn’t going to make it due to my lousy performance on Wednesday. All day Friday I kept checking the website every 30 minutes to see if the results were posted. When the results were finally up, my eyes were moving so fast scanning everyone’s face until I saw my own face. I was so relieved that I made it. Finally, I can take a deep breath and unwind from this whole week of being nervous and stressed.

As I looked through all the faces, I was glad to see that a lot of the members from last season remained on the crew. At the same time, I was also saddened when I noticed some of the members from last season did not make it. I know the final decision had to be a tough one to make because we all did such a great job. I really wish we could bend the rules and let all the girls stay.

I am honored to be a part of the Blue Crew this season. I know from this point on I have to continue to work hard especially in the areas I’m weakest in. I’m so glad that I got to meet everyone that tried out. I’m real excited for the season to start and I look forward to working with everyone and getting to know all the new members. Congratulations.

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