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Adrenaline Rush Dancers Hit Kosovo 

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From ChicagoRush.com:

Seven members of the Adrenaline Rush Dancers recently returned home from a four-day trip to Kosovo, where they were visiting U.S. troops stationed in the Balkans.

The dancers chronicled each day of their trip through a diary, with excerpts being printed each day this week on the Rush Web site, ChicagoRush.com.

Here is the first look at their trip:

Day 1 – Travel

Adrenaline Rush Dancers

The ladies arrived at Chicago’s O’Hare airport early on the morning of August 22 for their eight-hour flight to Vienna. Adrenaline Rush Dancer Gloria picks up the details from there:

Amazingly, we all arrived at the airport on time. Yes, that does mean Tracey too! We were all shocked to see she was the second person at the airport, but we had Kelly K. to thank for that as they hitched a ride together.

Everything went well with check-in, as we had our passports in tow and made our way to the security clearance. Once through, we saw a big man that looked like the picture we received. He looked up and smiled and we all yelled "RUG!" Yep, Rug is our tour guide for the trip.

After a few minutes to chat, it was on the plane we went. Get ready it's gonna be a LONG flight! I had Kelley D. and Kelly K. sitting with me – the youngest of the group and the rookie of the group with us. Someone needs to keep an eye on them, so I thought it should be me. Sitting a few rows back were Tricia, Jenny, Tracey and Kelly S.

With our seatbelts securely fastened, we quickly found things to keep us occupied in our seats. The seats in front of us each had TVs. The best part was that we got to watch the take off and landings from two different angles.

It was kind of like a big roller coaster ride, which is why the two Kelly's and I raised our arms as if we were on one. We also had a plethora of movies, books, magazines, and video games included to keep us busy. Kelly K. tried to figure out the seat to seat calling however, that didn’t work out so well for us. Oh well, we tried!

This day has been filled with a lot of sitting in an airport or on an airplane. So pretty much we can sum it up like this:

1. Bodyguard

2. Meals on the plane

3. Movies watched in flight

4. Video games played in between those movies

5. Screaming kids surrounding us

6. Different languages spoken

7. Adrenaline Rush Dancers

8+ Hour flight to Vienna Austria

and numerous kicks to the back of our seats by the 5 screaming kids.

To think, all of this has happened just in time for our four-hour layover, which ended up turning into almost a 5 hour layover. The plane had technical difficulties, and needed a new flight crew. But we aren’t too sure on that one. Once we boarded that flight we had a two hour flight to Kosovo. YEAH, we finally made it! On to the next adventure!


More on the Adrenaline Rush Dancers trip to Kosovo here, here and here.

And it's time to start thinking about 2008! Adrenaline Rush Dancers prep classes will be held every Sunday from September 23rd to October 21st, and tryouts are Sunday October 28th.

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