Sunday, September 23, 2007

2007 Blue Crew 

Posted by Sasha at 8:54 PM ET

Atlanta Thrashers: After a grueling week of auditions, meetings and practices the 2007-08 Atlanta Thrashers Blue Crew has been selected. 13 members of last year's ice crew and interactive squad are returning to form the combined Blue Crew, along with six newcomers. Check below to see who made the squad and keep checking back [on the Thrashers website] for more photos and updated profiles as the 2007-08 season approaches.

PS: Eagle-eyed fans will recognize Sasha. She was an A-Town dancer last year and made the team again this year. She must be moonlighting!

And no, I am not that Sasha. Or am I? I guess if I were, I wouldn't really tell you would I? Ooooh how mysterious.

Nah, it's not me. Seriously.

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