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Titans Spolight on Lindsay 

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From the Tennessee Titans Website:
Lindsay is in her third year of Tennessee Titans Cheerleading . She is one of our team’s most dedicated members and a true team leader. Below is her spotlight, our first of 2007:

TITANS ONLINE: How do you juggle married life, work and cheering?

Balance has always played an important role in my life. I can remember being around age 7 and involved in softball, soccer, golf, cheering, dance and gymnastics! I continued my active lifestyle through high school and college and found that I actually enjoyed the fast pace. I couldn’t continue my desire for such an active life without a wonderful husband who is extremely supportive of me being a Titans cheerleader. I am also fortunate enough to work with amazing people and for an amazing company, who understands my commitment and helps me balance out both facets of life. I will say that if I lost my day planner, I would be in a big mess!

Lindsay, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader

TITANS ONLINE: What is your favorite style of dance and why?

I love dancing and entertaining in general. I don’t necessarily have a favorite; I like different styles for different reasons. Hip hop is energetic and fun to perform where pom is more comfortable due to my cheering days. Each time that I perform at LP Field, I still get chills, no matter what style of dance we’re performing!

TITANS ONLINE: What prompted you to try out for the Titans your first year?

I’ll never forget the moment I realized I wanted to tryout for the Titans. It was my first time at a Titans game and I was sitting in the very top row of LP Field. All I could focus on were the cheerleaders and I literally didn’t take my eyes off them the entire game, which is ironic because I’m a HUGE football fan. Watching them dance made me reminisce on my past years of performing and cheering and at that moment I thought about what it would be like to perform again. The next day I decided to go for it and, after some intense research online, I began training. I’m a very dedicated and determined person, so once I made the decision to tryout, I wanted to do the best job I could and not stop until I made it, and that’s exactly what I did. I’m incredibly thankful that I made the decision to tryout and I try to remind myself daily of how fortunate I am to have this opportunity.

TITANS ONLINE: What are your long term goals and aspirations?

I am very fortunate to work in a field I love at a company I have admired for years. I hope to continue my advertising career, with a primary focus on outdoor advertising. As advertising continues to evolve, I look forward to learning and growing with the industry. Aside from work, I long to start a family of my own one day and strive to learn how to be the best mother and wife possible. In the meantime, my husband and I recently purchased a new home, so I hope to grow a green thumb soon as well as master the kitchen.

TITANS ONLINE: What or who is your inspiration and why?

My inspiration would definitely have to be my parents. Through all my activities and experiences in life, my parents have always been my biggest fans. They continually support me and remain extremely close. I hope people see a reflection of them in me and I hope to give my children all the love and encouragement they have shown me through the years.

TITANS ONLINE: Give us your cheer/dance background.

Growing up in Nashville , I started cheering locally in the pee wee program, called the Bellevue Steelers. At the age of five, I began dancing and continued both throughout middle school when I decided to only cheer in high school. My first love has always been cheerleading – I love feeding off the crowd’s energy and I love football – so it combined the best of both worlds. I took a break in college, but upon graduation and my first Titans game, I immediately knew where I wanted to be again.

TITANS ONLINE: How has professional cheerleading changed or altered your life?

Well, for starters – I am in the best shape of my life! Being a professional cheerleader takes a lot of hard work and dedication. I am a stronger and more confident woman by being a part of the Titans organization and being surrounded by women who encourage and build each other. It has also shown me the importance of community service and has given me a greater appreciation for giving back to the community.

Lindsay, Tennessee Titans Cheerleader

TITANS ONLINE: What is the biggest challenge of being a Tennessee Titans Cheerleader?

I think the biggest challenge of being a Titans Cheerleader is trying to overcome the stereotypes of professional cheerleaders. Many people perceive us to be uneducated, self-centered, catty girls; which couldn’t be farther from the truth. I consider myself extremely blessed to work with 30 talented, classy, intelligent women who are such an inspiration to me on a daily basis. Our team consists of mothers, business professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs and students. It’s shocking how many people are surprised when they learn that we are truly professionals, on and off the field.

TITANS ONLINE: Describe Lindsay S in three words.

Energetic, Loyal, and Hard Working

TITANS ONLINE: Where is your dream vacation spot and why?

I have always wanted to visit Australia . I love the way Aussie’s talk! And, how cool would it be to see a Kangaroo hop by?

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