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Suns Dancers Korean Blog 

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Phoenix Suns: The Suns Dancers are representing the NBA in Seoul, South Korea as part of the league’s Seoul-Asia Madness event July 30 – August 6. As part of their trip overseas, six members of the Suns Dancers are participating in various promotional events, including fan fests, dance clinics, school visits and media tours. This marks the third consecutive year the Suns Dancers have represented the NBA internationally. Members of the team traveled to Chengdu, China in 2005 and spent time in Rome, Italy and Cologne, Germany during Suns training camp this past October.

Various members of the team will be filing blog entries throughout their exciting trip overseas.

Posted by Amanda: Aug. 3, 2007
Hello everyone!

I'm writing to you from Asiana Airlines flight 201 seat 44B, or rather row 44 since I do have it all to myself. First let me say this is the largest plane I have ever been on. It is 10 seats across divided by two aisles, and it even has a second story! It's quite roomy and very comfortable.

We are now about two hours into our 12 hour and 30 minute flight, and happy to finally be on our way. After a busy and hectic morning that included almost missing our flight from Phoenix to LAX, and lost baggage claim checks, we are all quite relieved to be together and in one piece.

Thus far the plane ride has included many pleasant surprises. As if the grandeur of the plane itself wasn't enough, the team of flight attendants made the plane even more spectacular. Their uniforms were so crisp and clean and each one seemed more polite and beautiful than the next. Every passenger received a travel kit including a toothbrush, toothpaste, an eye mask, a pillow and blanket, and yes folks even socks! We were all pretty excited about the socks as silly as it seems. We really are easy to please!

One comfortable on the plane I put the eye mask to food use and took a short nap. But I was soon awakened by the hustle and bustle of the well-dressed flight crew beginning to serve lunch. There was a menu with two choices: Western Style; steak and salad, or Korean style Bi-Bim-Bab; assorted steamed vegetables and rice, among other things. We all decided it was a good a time as any to start experiencing Korean culture and food. "Bi-Bim-Bab for seven please!"

Before we even tasted the food we were presented with a number of challenges. The first being several of us had our tray setups turned the wrong direction. We were soon corrected by a polite stewardess who gave a small smile and giggled at our Korean faux pas. Next came the challenge of which utensils to use, forks and spoons or chopsticks? Most of us struggled with the chopsticks until patience ran our and we humbly picked up the trusty fork and spoon. I actually observed some of the Korean passengers put down their chopsticks and use the metal utensils. Perhaps they too felt compelled to experiment with the customs of another culture as we had done with the chopsticks, although the fork didn't seem as foreign to them as the chopsticks were to us.

The Bi-Bim-Bab turned our to be pretty flavorful. The carrots and mushroom were my favorites! They were accompanied by a dried pollack soup of which we soon learned was very fishy, almost like crab, but still good. There was also Soba noodles, which were dark thin noodles mixed with a dab of wasabi mustard, chives, and a sauce that we didn't know was supposed to go on the noodles until Kaytie saw a Korean passenger mixing the sauce in. The noodles were the most different looking portion of our meal but we all ventured to taste at least one bite. Unfortunately because of the slimy consistency and texture of the noodles along with the hot wasabi, none of us got much further than that.

We are now about three hours into our flight and they have asked us all to close our shades and they have dimmed the cabin lights. I think they are encouraging sleep which I am all too happy to do after a good meal.

Goodnight for now!


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