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Redskins Cheerleader Kelley Named 2007-08 Calendar Cover Girl 

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From Redskins.com

Eight-year cheerleader veteran Kelley has been selected as the cover girl for the 2007-08 Redskins Cheerleader Calendar.

Kelley will grace the 10th annual calendar wearing a bikini made out of Santana Moss's jersey.

On Friday, Aug. 10, Kelley will be announced and walk on stage at Fur Nightclub alongside the other ladies who have graced the covers of the calendar.

The event will mark the first time that all 15 cover models from the past 10 years will be together for the first time.

Here they are:

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar
Renee', Christina and Barbara

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar
Erin, Kimberly, GeNienne and Courtney

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar

From the 18-year-old Shelly in 1998, who was just graduating from high school when she appeared on the first calendar, to Jackie who was a 30-something mother featured in a jersey on the cover, the Redskins Cheerleaders' annual calendar has changed the face of NFL Calendars since 2000.

Special facts about the cover models:

-- Four are now mothers and were on the 2nd and 3rd covers.

-- Jennifer and Erin are both pregnant and were on the 6th and 7th covers.

-- Erin married a soldier she met on tour and next year Kimberly will marry a sailor she met recently.

-- Three are current Cheerleaders: Courtney, Anabel and Kelley.

-- Christina lives in San Diego and Erin lives in Georgia

-- Courtney is currently the longest running active NFL cheerleader at 12 years

-- The current cover model Kelley cheered with every single cover model.

The Calendar Premier Party will start at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 6:30 p.m.) and features performances by the new cheerleaders squad. Fur Nightclub is located at 33 Patterson Street NE in Washington, D.C. Admission is $15.

And if you don't live in the DC area, or just can't make it out on Friday, you can order the calendar online here.

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