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Panthers Ice Dancers Ready For 2007-08 Season 

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By Glenn Odebralski
for floridapanthers.com
Aug 15, 2007

One group of Panthers is set for the upcoming 2007-08 season as the Panthers Ice Dancers, presented by Sziro Jewelry in Coral Springs, have announced their team.

After two weeks of training camps, tryouts, interviews, and boot camps, 19 girls are joining director Nichole Genchi and assistant director Michele Schreifels as a 2007-08 Panther Ice Dancer. To put things in perspective, there were over 100 hopefuls at the tryouts on Saturday, August 4.

See who made the squad: Click Here

With so many girls to choose from, the task of selecting the final team was difficult. But being able to select the best all-around dancers will help make this year’s team that much better than last year’s squad.

”Michele and I felt really fortunate to have such high quality girls come out for this year’s tryouts,” says Genchi. “The girls that made it are not only beautiful but they are very talented dancers. We are going to be setting the standard for every dance team in the NHL this season.

“It was such a great experience to go through this process and learn about each of the girls during training camp, tryouts, and boot camp. Each girl has a different personality and that’s what will make this team amazing this year.”

While making the final cuts might have been difficult, choosing the girl to lead her fellow dancers was not. The directors chose Panthers Ice Dancer returnee, Andea, as this year’s captain.

“When I thought of who would help make this team better, I immediately thought of Andrea,” says Genchi. “She’s got a lot of years experience and is a phenomenal dancer. She will be a great role model for the other dancers.”

Now that the team in place, their next task is focusing on the 2007-08 season. And even though it’s still a few months away, there’s really no time for the dancers to take any days off.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us,” says Genchi. “We’re really focused on learning the difficult choreography, toning up, as well as getting ready for all of the different photo shoots that we have planned.”

One of those photo shoots is for the team’s second annual calendar, which will be shot in the beginning of October.

“Last year’s calendar was good and it was a lot of fun to do, but we’re hoping to make it even better this year,” says Genchi. “It’s something that we’re really looking forward to.”

The ice dancers are also looking forward to being very active in the community.

“I think that it’s very important that we get out into the community and help out and promote the Panthers organization anyway possible,” says Genchi. “Until the season starts, we’re going to be promoting the Panthers opening night against the New Jersey Devils. We’re also going to be at the opening ceremonies of new BankAtlantic Banks as well as various charity events.”

The dancers may have a lot to do before they get to their in-season schedule, but that’s the fun part of their jobs. They’ve already made it through the hard part: just landing a spot on the team.

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