Friday, August 10, 2007

Karen Performs for Parra 

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From FoxSports.com.au

The NRL Cheergirl of the week is Parramatta Eels Cheer Captain 24-year-old Karen, who's a proven performer and a big Nathan Hindmarsh fan.

What made you want to be a cheerleader?
I have danced all my life and I have always loved performing. I saw the auditions in the local paper and I tried out when I was 15. I’ve loved it ever since and this will be my 10th season dancing for the National Rugby League.

What did you want to be when you were little?

A hairdresser or a flight attendant. My mum was a fight attendant and I really wanted to follow in her footsteps. I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world.

Karen, Eels Cheerleader

Who was your first celebrity crush?
Luke Perry from 90210. He was gorgeous! I guess I was just at the perfect age when that show came out. It used to be my favourite.

Who or what inspires you?

Someone who inspires me is Bethany Daniels, whose arm was amputated because of a shark attack while she was surfing. I admire her for her strength and courage and for not letting her disability stop her from her doing what she loves.

If you could star in a Hollywood movie opposite anyone, who would it be?

No-one in particular, but I’ve always wanted to be a Bond girl, so maybe in the next James Bond movie! I’d also love to be in an action film.

What's the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
Probably dancing in the opening ceremony at the Sydney 2000 Olympics. It was so amazing to be apart of something so special and a once in a lifetime experience. It’s something that I’ll never forget.

Who is your favourite football player and why?

Nathan Hindmarsh. He’s such a strong, tough player and never stops! He’s also a great representative player and has played so well for New South Wales and Australia. And he plays for the Eels!

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