Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Flag Crew Debuts Today 

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Mon, August 6
Randy Lange
NY Jets

Things are unfurling quickly in regard to our New York Jets flag crew.

Denise Garvey, the new group's choreographer and the former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and New York Knicks City Dancer, was at the Jets' Sunday practice at Fordham. You could tell as she studied the field during the Green & White Game that she was envisioning her crew's current routines and contemplating new dance numbers.

And word down the hall from my den of inquiry on the second floor of the Jets' training complex, filtering out of the game operations department, is that Tuesday will be the first of many big days in the life of the 10-woman crew.

If you're reading this blog before 7 a.m. Tuesday and want to see the group's premiere, turn on the CW11 Morning News. They're expected to perform and be interviewed from the 7-8 a.m. hour.

And at that time their name will be officially unveiled, although the rumor — you heard it on the Radar first — is that the name will be the New York Jets Flight Crew.

From its first television appearance and debut, the crew will then fly (figuratively, not literally) to Hofstra University for its first news conference. The Flight Crew members are set to appear today in their warmup outfits. They will be in their new uniforms for the first time at the Jets' season opener at home against the Patriots on Sept. 9.

More details to come. Be ready for news developments on a regular basis beginning Tuesday involving the new Green & White standard bearers, the Jets Flight Crew.

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