Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eagles Cheerleaders at the End Zone Store 

Posted by James at 10:49 AM ET

Saturday, on my way back from Buffalo, I stopped at the Philadelphia Eagles End Zone store in Lancaster. Eagles Cheerleaders Alexandra and Priscilla were on hand promoting their new swimsuit calendar.

Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders
Priscilla and Alexandra are both students at Rowan University. A lifetime a ago, I used to deliver pizza to the campus back when it was called Glassboro State College.

Alexandra, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
Alexandra is a rookie on the squad. She is a Theater major.

Priscilla, Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader
This is also Priscilla's first year with the Eagles Cheerleaders. She is a Communications major.

Online home of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders here.

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