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DBC Calendar Shoot Part 2 

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July 10th, 2007

Well, we are back from Cozumel and our 4th of July vacation here in Broncos Cheerleaderland. It was a great trip and I am very sorry that I couldn’t blog and show you all pictures sooner. Technology on that little island is not like home. I had quite a few problems sending photos and e-mails while I was there.

The second half of our trip was great. We had quite a few group shots to get done (which are harder than the singles) and they all turned out beautiful!

Our first group shot was our “July” shot at the resort. Laura, Melissa and Kristin were all outfitted in red, white and blue suits. We had a cloudy, rainy day, but the sun came through for us at sunset and it was the most amazing sunset we had the entire week. We lit lanterns and tiki torches and the ladies were fabulous.

The next day we shot Kelsey Vernon at Chankanaab which is an ecological park on Cozumel. They have a really cool Mayan Village that we used for her shot. I had a pretty dramatic shot in mind which required some extra work on our photographers part getting the light the way that we envisioned it. It will really be a different shot than the rest of the calendar and Kelsey did great!

Our next shot was also at Chankanaab with Lindsay McBride, Kristina Hoyer and Emily Harper. We kept calling this shot the Charlie’s Angels shots. They really looked the part. It was a very hot day. I hope I can find a photo where there isn’t a bead of sweat running down someone’s forehead! Some of the positions we put the ladies in are not very comfortable (even though the look it on film) and all three ladies did a great job.

For Alex Taylor and Kim Taylor (no, they aren’t sisters), we rented a catamaran and took them out on the blue blue water. Both cheerleaders wore red polkadot suits by Betsey Johnson. We posed them three different ways – on the rope tramps, on the bow and on the top of the roof with the mast. We will see which one turns out the best. Both Alex and Kim are four-year veterans and were very easy to pose and work with. We had a lot of fun out on the boat that afternoon. It was nice to get away from the heat and feel the wind in your hair for a few hours.

Our last shot of the trip was the most challenging. The weather was difficult all day and we had it scheduled for a sunset shot. We got Romi Bean, Whitney Evered and Terita Johnson ready and took them to the dock at Paradise Beach. The shot only works if we had a sunset. No sunset that day. Too many clouds. We rescheduled their shot for the next morning at sunrise, so the three ladies were in hair and makeup again at 3:30 a.m.! What we do for a great picture. The morning was clear and beautiful and it was a great way to end our trip to Cozumel!

I have included a photo of Adam Miller and his girlfriend Jennifer Stitt. Before our trip, with our travel partner Funjet Vacations, we ran an enter-to-win contest to come with the Cheerleaders on our 2008 Calendar Shoot. Adam Miller won the trip and he and Jennifer spent the entire week with us in Cozumel. We all had a blast. Adam is a die hard Broncos fan – like all of you out there that read our blogs I am sure. Adam is in the US Navy and had just returned home from a tour in Italy to find out that he had won the trip to Cozumel with us. He and Jennifer were so excited to be there with us. They went on several photo shoots, a snorkeling excursion, VIP reception and dinner and just enjoyed hanging out with the team and our staff. What a great couple! It was a nice addition to our calendar shoot.

Now, it is back to work! Lots to do to get our team ready for the season and to get our calendar to the printer. Our release party is scheduled for Thursday, August 16, and all the proceeds from that event will go to the Susan G. Komen foundation in honor of Lisa Pevateaux, one of our Broncos Alumni Cheerleaders who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. We are having it at the stadium this year and we need a huge turnout. Keep looking on the site for more details and I will blog about that more very soon.

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Teresa Shear
Director of Cheerleaders and
Game Day Entertainment

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