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DBC Blog - Getting Ready for the Season! 

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Denver Broncos
July 26th, 2007

Good morning, Broncos fans!

We sure have some new and exciting adventures coming up. Today we actually begin shooting our 2007 Denver Broncos cheerleader poster. For those of you who have been in the Broncos fan arena for a while you know that in past years the cheerleaders have always shot the poster at a different location around beautiful Colorado–such as the mountains or the stadium (old and new). However, for the past four or five years, as our team has grown to 34 members, we have begun taking the photos at a photography studio in the area and have also incorporated a separate backdrop. Our posters are done in segments, in essence, by taking about five girls at a time. After all of the groups of five or six have been shot they put all of us together to create the final product!

This time of the year is always one packed with a lot of energy. Our rehearsals have gone into full swing and I believe we have but a mere seven rehearsals until our first home preseason game!

As we prepare for the season we have a few items to tend to so we can ensure our gameness for the season. One of the opportunities that we have been able to take advantage of for the past several years is essentially a dance convention, called ProDance. The dance workshop unites choreographers and dancers from around the country to offer an energized environment to learn fresh material and technique; and for our specific uses we will be integrating what we have learned into our 2007 Broncos game day experience! I have never been to ProDance before so I am not sure what to expect, but I am altogether honored and thrilled to be attending with several of my other teammates. I will certainly keep you updated on our adventures in Palm Springs upon our return.

God Bless!
Keela Harris

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